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Hydrotherapy Treatments

Hydrotherapy Treatments

Celtic Haven Aromatherm

Electronic 4-in-1 Capsule Exclusive Experiences. The Aromatherm Capsule effectively performs all vital body treatments required for the ultimate spa experience. Combining 4 functions in 1, the Aromatherm Capsule has a Hydrotherapy Tub, Wet Table, Steam Capsule and Vichy Shower.

  • Aroma Energiser - Time: 25 minutes Price: £35.00 - Enquire
    The Aroma Energiser takes place in the Aromatherm Capsule on wet plates. A body steam using Elemis oils, this treatment is aimed at warming the tissues and muscles, using essential oils which are absorbed through the skin and inhaled to relax and promote well-being.

    There are 3 different massage oils which can be applied to the body:
    • Musclease: soothes muscular aches and pains
      • Rosemary and Pine essential oils.
    • Cellutox: promotes detox, aids weight loss and the appearance of cellulite
      • Lemon and Juniper essential oils.
    •  Destress: balances hormones and relaxes the mind and body
      • Geranium and Lavender essential oils.

Elemis Hydrotherapy Treatments

  • Elemis Exotic Enriching Milk Bath - Time: 30 minutes Price: £35.00 - Enquire
    Just as Cleopatra loved to bathe in milk, now you too can indulge in this pleasure as you are immersed in the sweet richness of our Exotic Enriching Milk Bath.  You will emerge glistening with  moisture, your skin feeling sensuous and wonderfully aromatic. Pure bliss!

  • Elemis Detox Ocean Bath - Time: 30 minutes Price: £35.00 - Enquire
    Discover the healing and energising effects of seawater combined with the powerful detoxifying synergy of Juniper, Lemon, Sea Fennel and Sea Buckthorn essential oils. Renew your sense of wellness and vitality as you escape from the world.

  • Elemis Musclease Herbal Bath - Time: 30 minutes Price: £35.00 - Enquire
    Inspiring dreams to the sound of the sea. This bath combines the healing and energising effects of seawater with a powerful muscle warming synergy of Pine, Rosemary, Sea Fennel and Sea Buckthorn essential oils. Relax and renew your sense of wellness.

Thalgo Hydrotherapy Treatments

  • Thalassobain - Time: 25 minutes Price: £35.00 - Enquire
    Taken from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, bathe in simplicity. This is an anti-stress, anti-fatigue and stimulating treatment which also relieves fluid retention.
    (Good for sports injuries).