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Thalgo Facial Treatments

Thalgo Facial Treatments

  • Absolute Hydration Purity Ritual - Time: 30 minutes Price: £30.00 - Enquire
    The perfect introduction to Thalgo
    This treatment incorporates active marine ingredients and vegetal
    milks to provide your skin with all it needs to be intensely
    restored and refreshed, and to maintain optimum hydration.

  • Cold Marine Facial - Time: 60 minutes Price: £55.00 - Enquire
    Perfect for sensitive skin prone to blotchiness
    Based on reviving marine and plant extracts, particularly suited to
    fragile, delicate skin, this treatment incorporates a cool mint mask
    to reduce redness, refine, tighten and relax tension lines.

  • Pure Collagen Velvet Mask - Time: 60 minutes Price: £65.00 - Enquire
    The creme de la creme of anti-wrinkle facials
    Intensive hydration for sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles.
    With pure native soluble Collagen, protein rich extracts and
    creams, this treatment softens and smoothes the skin and helps
    maintain moisture balance.

  • Pure Collagen Velvet Mask - Time: 90 minutes Price: £85.00 - Enquire
    Incorporating Eyes, Neck and Lip area
    See above – using pure native soluble Collagen, this luxurious
    neck and eye treatment leaves the eye contour soft and smooth,
    and plumps out fine lines and wrinkles. Not suited for puffy eyes.

  • Oxygen Facial - Time: 60 minutes Price: £55.00 - Enquire
    Perfect for dull and lifeless skin
    A purifying oxygenating treatment for sallow, sluggish skin,
    polluted by stress and a busy lifestyle. This booster facial
    incorporates marine and plant proteins to replenish and nourish
    the skin, resulting in a natural healthy glow – the perfect city
    dweller facial!

  • Terre & Mer Organic Facial - Time: 75 minutes Price: £70.00 - Enquire
    A truly relaxing ritual bringing unrivalled softness to the skin
    Combining marine ingredients with Mediterranean plants, this
    three-step treatment begins with a welcoming back massage using
    Organic Lavender Oil, its scent transporting you to the lavender
    fields of Provence.
    Next the skin is cleansed with Marine Cleanser and Marine Toner
    featuring Organic Orange Blossom and exfoliated with Marine
    Scrub, which contains organic almond shell and algae.
    Concentrates containing essential oils are applied to treat the
    skin, whether you are looking for soothing or anti-ageing, a
    relaxing facial massage is carried out.
    Finally, a double mask is applied, followed by a finishing cream
    based on organic olive leaf. A pampering organic facial for natural
    beauty and radiance.